All About Crystals & How to Use Them For Manifestation

In honor of our Crystal Manifestation Collection, we're talking all about crystals and their metaphysical properties, what manifestation really means, and how to use crystals to manifest the kind of energy you want in your life.

wearing healing crystal necklaces for positive energy

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About Crystals

Crystals are believed to have their own unique energy which gives them all specific properties and meanings. Some crystals are used specifically for emotional balance and to soothe the mind, while others are used to create fiery passion and radical transformation. There's a crystal out there for any type of energy you're wanting to bring into your life.

About Manifestation

Manifestation is the process of willing something into being (an event, an object, a feeling, a mood, etc.) using the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like. In short, manifestation is the process of making something happen by believing it will happen.

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How to Manifest With Crystals

Crystals help the manifestation process by giving off the same type of energy you’re trying to attract. For example, if you want to manifest love, use Rhodonite which has loving properties. If you want to manifest change and transformation, angel aura quartz has transformative energy. Our favorite way to use these crystal necklaces for manifestation is to wear them as a constant reminder of the energy you want to attract. When you put on your necklace, take a moment to set an intention by deciding what type of energy you want to manifest. Manifestation is all about keeping that energy top of mind so that you believe in it and therefore call it into your life.

solid gold metaphysical crystal pendant necklaces

Pictured from left to right: Obsidian, Abalone, Angel Aura Quartz, Unakite, Amazonite, Flame Aura Quartz, Rhodonite, Red Jade, Sodalite, Citrine

Crystal Properties

Rose Quartz: Support, Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing

Wisdom, Protection, Rejuvenation

Clarity, Serenity, Letting Go

Confidence, Ambition, Inspiration

Obsidian: Clarity, Self Control, Growth

Abalone: Peace, Compassion, Relaxation

Angel Aura Quartz: Happiness, Transformation, Positive Energy

Unakite: Grounding, Spirituality, Inner Peace

Amazonite: Communication, Truth, Stress Alleviation

Flame Aura Quartz: Expression, Harmony, Personal Power

Rhodonite: Love, Balance, Comfort

Red Jade: Passion, Strength, Courage

Sodalite: Intuition, Emotional Balance, Understanding

Citrine: Creativity, Change, Motivation 

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