All About The Evil Eye

You’ve probably seen it everywhere recently: jewelry with the image of an eye.  But it’s not just a current trend. Evil eyes have a rich history dating back to antiquity, appearing across cultures, and are traditionally worn as an amulet of protection. Read on to learn all about the history and meaning behind this symbolic imagery.

What is The Evil Eye?

The evil eye itself is believed to be a curse cast upon an unsuspecting person by glaring at them causing bad luck, injury, and overall misfortune.  Many cultures believe that the curse is inspired by envy, and the overall message of the curse is this: when you become successful, others will become envious and this envy can undo your good fortune.  The term “evil eye” also refers to the amulet that has been worn for thousands of years to ward off this curse.  The most unique fact about the evil eye isn’t its superstitious origins, but the fact that it’s persisted for so many years across so many cultures while maintaining the same meaning.  

The History of The Evil Eye 

Evil eye symbolism has been around for millenia, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia.  It’s referenced in works from many famous Greek philosophers including Plato and Hesiod, both of whom used a scientific approach when discussing its effects.  Evil eye symbolism is also present in many modern day religions including Christianity, Judiaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Bhudism.  Across all of these cultures, the meaning is mostly the same.  The evil eye is unavoidable and comes from the ill intentions of others, and it’s something worth protecting yourself from.

Evil Eye Amulets 

Evil eye amulets have been used for years in different forms.  In ancient Greece, an image of an eye was carved into cups, called eye-cups, to protect the drinker.  Evil eye amulets were most commonly made in the form of a medallion and hung in houses as well as worn on the body for protection against the evil eye curse.  Evil eye charms come in different colors, and each color has a different meaning.  They are usually made in a shade of blue to mimic the sky and represent holiness and the heavens.  A dark blue evil eye is said to offer karmic protection and calm and soothe the wearer as well as aid in communication.  A light blue evil eye is among the most common and gives general protection and a sense of peace. 

The Evil Eye Goes Modern 

It may seem like the evil eye has made a modern resurgence, but in reality, it’s never gone away.  Particularly in Mediterranean cultures, the evil eye is always something to be mindful of and protect against.  In the past few years, the evil eye has gained popularity in the fashion industry, becoming a trend in jewelry design.  But don’t forget that when you put on your favorite evil eye piece, you’re partaking in a centuries old tradition and protecting yourself while doing it.

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