An Easy Ombré Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art doesn't have to be intimidating, and you don't need a bunch of tools to achieve that fresh from the salon look.

This super quick and easy ombré glitter nail art was inspired by some of our favorite ultra gleamy solid gold rings, and it takes about 20 minutes (including dry time!). Read on to learn how to get this look at home.

glitter nail art with solid gold rings why the sky in the background

Shop the look: Solid Gold Simple Knot Ring, Solid Gold Engravable Dome Ring, Solid Gold Twisted Signet Ring

What You'll Need

  • A base coat- this one is strengthening so that your nails can grow long and strong.
  • A nude polish- using a sheer nude will allow your nails to show through, giving this look a low key base to balance out the glam glitter
  • A glitter polish- this one comes in all different colors, but we love gold to go along with our favorite everyday rings

What You'll Do

  • Step 1: Apply your base coat in one or two layers to give your nails a nice and strong canvas.
  • Step 2: Apply one to two coats of your base shade depending on how opaque you want the polish to be. You can go with any color here from pink to black, but for a nice and subtle look to balance out all of that glittery glam, we like to use a sheer nude.
  • Step 3: Apply a sheer layer of your glitter polish starting 3/4 way down the nail
  • Step 4: Once your first layer is dry, apply another sheet layer, this time starting 1/2 way down the nail 
  • Step 5: When your second layer is dry, apply your third and final layer 1/4 way down the nail.
  • Step 6: If you feel like you need a little more glitter towards the base of your nail, take your polish brush, wiping off the excess polish, and stipple the glitter onto your nail by holding the brush perpendicular to your nail and pressing straight down. This will apply a little bit of glitter exactly where you want it.

glitter nail art with solid gold rings

Shop the look: Solid Gold Simple Knot Ring, Solid Gold Engravable Dome Ring, Solid Gold Twisted Signet Ring

Congratulations, you just became an at home nail art pro. Celebrate by putting on all of your favorite gold rings and take a photo for the grid (tag us so we can see your recreations!).

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