Behind the Scenes: Local Eclectic Dad Feature

In honor of Father's Day, we interviewed a dad at Local Eclectic -- our Enterprise & Growth Strategy Lead, Nick Prestemon -- all about Fatherhood.

how has becoming a father changed your everyday life?

The crazy part about having a kid is that the change is so fundamental, but even a few days after having her, Alexis and I talked about how it felt like we couldn't really remember what life was like before she was in our lives.  But you're asking about everyday.  Every day is a mix of intensely mundane routine and heart-tickling, makes-it-all-worth it moments.  Before the baby, I had less routine, more free time, and larger dinner bills.

what is the most rewarding and challenging aspect of being a father, respectively?

It's basically all great, except it would be better with more sleep.  Everyday she does something for the first time, and it's fun to be the one to show her new things.  It could be the first time she's touched a tree, the first time she figures out her feet are a part of her body, or the first time she gives our kitty some much needed attention.  It's also challenging to go anywhere with her because she's so adorable and every grandma or grandma-wannabe thinks she's their personal property.


do you have any tips for first time dads?

I wish I had more videos of her.  We have a lot of pics, but I think the videos really convey the cuteness.  So take cute videos.

what is your favorite parenting book or magazine?

I've kind of treated parenting like sophomore year of high school, which in my case meant very minimal prep work.  I started to get my act together junior year, because my parents showed me the basement where I'd be living if I couldn't get into an out of town college.  So maybe I'll do more reading for the toddler years.

Happy Father's Day, Nick, and to all of the incredible fathers out there! 

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