BFF Rings to Buy This Holiday Season

While we all undoubtedly have a friendship bracelet tucked away in our jewelry box, it's less certain how often we actually wear them. Though forever cherished, there's just something about embroidered floss that doesn't quite translate into adulthood.

Enter friendship rings, proof that the trend of tangible friendship declarations can in fact be updated. Incredibly easy, all that's required is a matching ring for every girl in your gang. 

Read on for the seven friendship rings we're currently loving this season. 


Five and Two Opaline Jude Cluster Ring, $52.00

Tippy Taste Jewelry Snow Queen Dainty Ring, $105.00

Lust & Luster Rose Gold & Amethyst Love Ring, $78.00

Five and Two Atlas Ring, $52.00


La Kaiser Opal Solo Ring, $43.00

Aletheia & Phos 360 Rose Gold Ring, $174.00

Leah Alexandra Compass Ring with Pearl, $78.00

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