Introducing Bia Blooms for Family Gold

Bia Yapp is the creative behind Bia Blooms, an LA based floral boutique.  When we met Bia through Instagram this summer, her unique and playful style instantly clicked with us.  We knew we needed to collaborate with her, and so Bia Blooms for Family Gold was born.

The collection is full of dahlias (Bia’s favorite bloom!), natural gemstones to mimic the colors that make up her arrangements, and modern interpretations of Bia’s own family heirlooms.  Every piece is crafted in solid gold, meaning they’re made to be worn everyday and to last forever.

Read on to learn more about Bia’s passion for florals, her personal connection to jewelry, and the inspiration behind some of her favorite pieces in the collection in her own words.

“Flowers have this incredible ability to lift our spirits, to improve our moods, and to beautify our spaces.  They offer us such joy and they offer us such calm all at once, and it’s really magical to be able to work with flowers as an art form.”

“I’ve always loved jewelry, even from a young age it’s just been such a big part of my identity, and I think I get that from my grandmothers who are two of the most stylish people in my life.  From a very young age, they both instilled this sense of detail and elegance that I wanted to make sure was part of the design within this collection.”  

“One of the pieces that I’m really excited about was actually directly inspired by an heirloom I received form my grandmother, one of my most precious possessions to be sure, and so to now see that piece reimagined within this collection is hugely personally and hugely special and I just can’t wait for this piece to be out in the world and to hopefully become an heirloom for other families.”

“As a floral designer, my style is very playful, colorful, whimsical, but there’s still this organic feel to it, and I really wanted that to translate into jewelry from via this collection.  These are pieces that are designed to be worn everyday, and they’re made to last.”

10% of all sales from the Bia Blooms for Family Gold collection will benefit Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that works to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality.  You can read more about EJIs mission and the important work that they do here.

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