Black Lives Matter

We’ve been inspired by the passion and action taken in support of the Black Lives Matter movement across the country over the past several days. We’ve been trying to figure out how we can help. We are taking action by donating to Campaign Zero, an organization that works to end police violence. We will also use this opportunity to further educate ourselves and reflect on how we can do better as a company and as a group of individuals who all want to be a catalyst for good.

We believe there is power in numbers and small changes lead to big results. With this thinking, we challenge our community to do one small thing starting today.

Feeling overwhelmed with what that thing should be? We hear you, here are some ideas based on what the Local Eclectic team is doing:

In an effort to be more inclusive and support more Black women, and women of color, we're asking you to submit your favorite black jewelry designers, artists, writers, and creatives here.

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