The Classic, Modern, Minimal Jewelry You've Been Searching For

Ashley Thorne created her fine jewelry line A.M. Thorne three years ago while living in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by art and architecture and drawing on the natural beauty of femininity and light, her collection is composed of bold, minimal designs. She plays with simple forms such as lines and dots to create patterns within her work and draws upon the natural beauty of classic materials like white and black diamonds and solid 14K gold. 

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A.M. Thorne Dainty Delicate Jewelry

9 Things You Didn't Know About Ashley Thorne of A.M. Thorne Jewelry: 

  1. Brooklyn definitely influences my work, there is so much here and I'm constantly visually stimulated which leads to the foundation of many of my creations.
  2. I did not set out to be a jewelry designer it really happened naturally. I started putting found pieces together to make jewelry and later wanted to expand my skills so I took silversmithing at The Jewelry Art Institute and I fell deeply in love with the jewelry making  process.  
  3. I’ve always been obsessed with patterns and lines. This collection is a true exploration of that.
  4. I love the Multi-Line Trinity Ring, its playful and unique.Multi Line Trinity Ring Dainty Delicate diamond ring A.M. Thorne
  5. If I wasn't a jewelry designer I'd be a doula.
  6. As a self employed jewelry designer, it's hard to find a day to take a break and not feel guilty, I am constantly working on my line whether it be designing, appointments, marketing, accounting or networking. Work and life balance is important.
  7. My best inspiration is everyday life. I am inspired by all my surroundings, art, architecture people I pass on the street. My favorite source of inspiration is my own imagination.
  8. My perfect customer is the women who enjoys all the subtle details in life and her style.
  9. My personal style is easy, natural and tasteful. I love classic styles and surrounding myself with quality items that will stand the test of time.
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