Closer to the Heart, Lockets at Local Eclectic


Lockets have been a classic accessory for centuries. A timeless pendant that opens up to reveal a memento such as the picture of a loved one, a lock of hair, or a special poem. Perhaps some of the most personal jewelry one can own. Keep what's special to you close to your heart.

Local Eclectic has a curated selection of lockets, ranging from dainty and classic, to bold and modern. Little golden hearts for the nostalgic vintage lover, and sparkling crescent moons and stars for the celestial dreamer. We have something for everyone! Shop the Locket Collection here.

How does one get the perfectly sized picture to place inside of said locket, one may ask? We have created a guide with a template for each of our stocked lockets! Before printing the locket photo template, make sure that page scaling is set to 100% in your printer settings area. Print the guide here.


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We'd love to see you in your lockets! If you feel like sharing your look, or what's inside don't forget to tag us! #localeclectic




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