The Design Inspiration Behind Charlie & Marcelle's Magical Jewels

Kristina Jacob is the designer behind long time LE favorite Charlie & Marcelle. The name Charlie & Marcelle is an ode to Kristina’s mother Charlie who passed away when she was 17. Her mother is the inspiration behind everything Kristina creates, and it was from Charlie that Kristina inherited her love for jewelry.

Kristina started Charlie & Marcelle in 2009, creating her first pieces with $100 worth of supplies.  She opened up an etsy shop and sold her jewelry at local craft shows on the weekends, all while working a full time job during the week.  Her hard work and dedication combined with her stellar designs eventually led to Charlie & Marcelle’s success, allowing Kristina to focus on the brand full time.

Everything that Kristina creates has a magic to it and an intention behind it that makes it feel extra special.  From the beginning, It’s been Kristina’s goal to create jewelry that holds a positive energy and makes the  wearer feel good, and she believes that every piece of jewelry should tell a story or hold a memory.  Read on for the design stories behind some of our favorite Charlie & Marcelle pieces!

The 14K Gold Sweetest Birthstone Ring

unique brightly colored solid gold rings for women
Shop the look: 14k Gold Sweetest Birthstone Ring

When I created the sweetest birthstone rings, I wanted to create a design that I would wear. I know that not everyone loves their birthstone because I am one of those people. Being that I am somewhat of a modern witch, I also know that it is exceptionally lucky to wear your birthstone. So I wanted to create something that was delicate, modern and timeless. Something that you’d pull out of your jewelry box in 20 years and still be in love with even if your birthstone isn’t your favorite stone. I feel like the Sweetest birthstone ring checked off all those boxes for me. I hope it does for you, too.

The 14K Gold Zodiac Ring

Shop the look: 14k Gold Zodiac Ring

I am big on astrology and I am a proud, proud Leo. I have always been in love with a classic nameplate necklace. So when I designed our Zodiac rings I wanted to incorporate the two but in a new way. I came up with a nameplate ring design. It took months and months of playing around with different fonts and sizes to perfect our zodiac ring. It’s elegant and understated yet takes pride in declaring who you are.

The Australian Opal Ring with Diamonds

Shop the look: Australian Opal Ring with Diamonds

A huge source of our inspiration lays in vintage and antique jewelry. So naturally one of my all time favorite hobbies is treasure hunting. I love to scour through flea markets and antique shops. I feel like I am being transported to another time and truly feel drawn to certain pieces. In my early designing days, I found a stunning vintage opal pendant. I turned that pendant into the perfect opal ring for myself and wore it everyday. We created two versions, one with diamonds and one without. The Australian Opal Ring with Diamonds became our biggest seller and is by far our best selling engagement ring. I think people are drawn to it because it is reminiscent of a time before. The opal with diamonds makes it feel so ethereal and feminine. It is definitely one of my all time favorite pieces. 

We’re so inspired by Kristina’s story and by the meaning behind her magical pieces!  Check out the full Charlie & Marcelle collection to find your own meaningful heirloom.

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