Diamond Myths & Meaning

The most sought after gem and for good reason; you can never go wrong with diamonds.  A favorite in both jewelry design and pop culture (Alexa, play “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”), this classic gem looks good with everything and exudes grace and luxury.  We’re breaking down some of the most well known and lesser known facts, myths, and meanings of this quintessential stone.

Diamond Facts

  • The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas meaning indestructible, which is fitting given that diamonds are one of the strongest materials in the world
  • The oldest diamond is said to have been created 3.3 billion years ago
  • Diamonds are created when carbon is pressurized at high heat below the Earth’s surface (about 100 miles to be exact) which changes the atoms and creates the familiar sparkling gem

  • Diamonds naturally occur in all colors from pink to black.  The color is created when other elements are present in the pressurization process

Diamond Myths 

  • In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs placed a diamond at the center of the ankh, a hieroglyph meaning life.  Diamonds represented the sun which was considered the source of all life.

  • The Greek philosopher Plato wrote that diamonds were actually living celestial bodies made physical into stones.  The ancient Greeks also believed that diamonds were tears from the gods, intrinsically linking them to mythology.

  • In the middle ages, diamonds were believed to have healing powers and would be placed on the body to aid in curing ailments.  This changed in the Renaissance period when Pope Clement VII drank a medicine containing powdered diamond and died, leading people to believe they were actually poison.  Modern research has shown that he was actually poisoned by a mushroom included in the potion.

Diamond Meaning

  • Diamonds represent faithfulness, commitment, and promise, which is why they’re the most common stone used in wedding and engagement rings.

  • Because diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world, they represent strength and courage.

  • Diamonds are linked to wealth, prosperity, and social status which explains their use in popular culture to signify status.

  • It’s believed that the reflection of diamonds can spark imagination and creativity as well as cleanse the aura of the wearer of negative thoughts.

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