Digital Download: Prince & Valentine Coloring Sheet

free prince and valentine digital coloring sheet

In honor of the Prince & Valentine collection, we've created a free coloring page!

Prince & Valentine is our new + exclusive brand of matching jewelry sets for kids and grown-ups. Print out this free coloring sheet as a fun activity for your little loves, or color it yourself to exercise your inner child.

Alexis and two of her children. 

Prince & Valentine was dreamed up by LE Founder + mother of 3 Alexis Nido-Russo. The name is a combination of two of her kids’ middle names: Giovanni Prince + Apollonia Valentine.


In designing the brand, Alexis got input from her kids on the pieces to create an assortment of jewels that were fun enough for kids to love and elevated enough for grown-ups to want to wear.

Shop the look: 4ever Pearl Bracelet for Kids and Grown-UpsFlower Child Opal Ring for Kids and Grown-Ups, Keep Blooming Flower Ring for Kids and Grown-Ups, Little Love Ring for Kids and Grown-Ups

 Prince & Valentine jewelry is extra durable for kids and the same high quality as everything else you’ll find at LE. Prince & Valentine is all about having fun, no matter your age. 

Download the free coloring-page and shop the new matching Jewelry for Kids & Grown-Ups collection here.

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