Diversity, Inclusion AND Equity — we have work to do and we're working on it

We've fallen short in supporting enough Black and women of color; this is true from our staff to the models we've hired and the designers we stock. I wanted to build a company that supported women and by not representing enough Black and women of color across the board, we have failed and are actively working to be more inclusive, diverse AND equitable. This means we're working to shift the power structure by investing in more Black and WOC owned jewelry brands; the designers and brands we carry are the community that profit from our business so pledging to invest in more Black and WOC is the most impactful way we can use our platform to push greater change. Here's a little more on what to expect from us going forward.


Alexis Nido-Russo, Founder & CEO

Last Week:
  • We donated $5,000 to Campaign Zero, and $2,000 to One Common Unity, two non-profit groups working to combat racial injustices and promote opportunities for Black communities.
  • We've used our social platforms to amplify Black voices and businesses
  • We held a team meeting where we had an open conversation about racism and the work we need to do
Work in Progress:
  • We are requiring all staff to take anti-racism training
  • We are engaging an external HR firm to create checks and balances for management and a sounding board for all team members
  • We are actively seeking Black jewelry designers to add to the roster of designers we support on Local Eclectic ~ a few designers we're hoping to work can be found on our instagram highlights and feed
  • We are in conversations with Black owned jewelry designers about the opportunity to work together on exclusive lines and collaborations
  • We are actively looking to partner with more Black and women of color contributors and creators
  • We sent a survey to all designers behind the brands we currently carry to get a better sense of the community we are currently supporting so we can set benchmarks and goals for diverse representation of designers going forward ~ we will share these numbers when we have them
  • We are also committed to using our platform to help raise money and awareness for causes that our customers, our team and our partners are passionate about as well as donating our own time and money to help make the world a better, more equitable place for Black and women of color
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