Everything You Need To Know About Ring Resizing

everything you need to know about ring resizing

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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to get a ring resized.  Maybe you were gifted a ring that's a size too big or too small, maybe you want to wear a ring on a different finger than it was originally sized for, or our personal favorite scenario, you may need to resize a piece that was passed down to you. So what do you need to know before you start the process of resizing a ring? Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions about ring resizing.

Can all rings be resized?

Many, but not all, rings can be resized. Whether or not a ring can be resized depends on the metal it's made of. Any ring made of solid gold, sterling silver, brass, or platinum can be resized! Any ring that is plated cannot be resized. You can learn more about the differences between this ring materials here.

Why can't plated rings be resized?

Plated rings are made up of a base metal (such as silver or brass) and then dipped in a gold or silver plating solution which coats the base metal. During the resizing process, the bottom of the ring band is cut open and this process would  ruin the outer plating surface causing the plating to flake off.

How many sizes up or down can a ring be resized?

The general rule is that a ring can easily be resized up or down by two sizes. A jeweler may be able to resize a ring by more than two sizes depending on the ring's design. Simple styles like bands, for example, are easier to resize than more ornate settings in which the structural integrity of the ring can change if the ring is bent too much (especially in rings that have multiple gemstones). You can consult a jeweler to find this exact info based on the piece you're resizing!

Where should I take a ring to be resized?

You should be able to go to any local jeweler to get a ring resized. If you don't have a jeweler nearby, there are lots of sites online that offer ring resizing services by mail.

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How much does it cost to resize a ring?

This can vary depending on whether the ring is being resized up or down, the style of the ring, the size of the piece, and where you're getting it resized. Generally speaking, ring resizing will cost anywhere between $15-$60.

Will anyone be able to tell that I resized my ring (will there be a visible mark)?

Ring resizing should not leave any marks! When performed by a skilled jeweler, the resizing process should leave your ring looking exactly the same, just a bit larger or smaller.

How is a ring resized?

To resize your ring, a jeweler will cut the back of the band. When making a ring larger, jewelers will typically add a small piece of metal of the same material, tone, and karat. It's possible to stretch the current metal by heating it, however this can weaken the structural integrity of the ring. When making a ring smaller, the jeweler will cut off an entire piece of the ring and then reattach the ends by soldering them together. Pro tip: you can ask the jeweler to give you the piece of metal they cut out of your ring! Keep it in case you want to resize it again in the future.

What else should be considered when resizing a ring?

Keep in mind that your fingers do shrink/swell during the year based on several factors such as the water retention, temperature changes, and weight fluctuations, so if you are wanting to resize a ring only a quarter of a size, this may lead to a very insignificant overall result. Ring resizing isn't an easy process, so make sure you go with a jeweler or site you trust.

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It's official. You're ready to get a ring resized. In the meantime, shop our collection of solid gold rings- all of which can be resized!

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