Everything You Need To Know Ring Resizing

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to get a ring resized. Perhaps your significant other purchased a size too big or too small, or maybe you want to wear the ring on a different finger than it was originally sized for. So, what all do you need to know before resizing your new ring? We interviewed Cindy Kaiser—the designer behind the beautiful La Kaiser jewels—to answer this question, and to provide some helpful do's and don'ts when it comes to resizing your brand new bling.


Can all rings be resized?

All rings, except for plated rings, can be resized! That means that any solid gold, sterling silver, brass, or platinum ring can easily be resized. If a ring is plated with gold or silver, it's not possible to have the piece resized as the resizing process will ruin the plating and in turn the actual ring.


Why can't plated rings be resized?

Plated rings are made up of a base metal (such as silver or brass) and then dipped in a gold/silver plating solution which coats the base metal. During the resizing process, the bottom of the ring band is cut open and this process would already ruin the outer plating surface causing the gold/silver plating to flake off heavily.


Where should I go to get my ring resized?

A local jeweler in your town should definitely be able to help you out with getting your ring resized.


Will anyone be able to tell that I resized my ring (will there be a visible mark)?

There should not be any visible resizing marks or lines after it has been resized!


How much does getting a ring resized cost?

Totally depends on the jeweler and your location, but anywhere between $15-$60 I would say!


What are other things to consider before getting a ring resized?

Keep in mind that your fingers do shrink/swell during the year depending on several factors such as the temperature, weight gain, weight loss, etc. so if you are wanting to resize a ring only a quarter of a size, this may lead to a very insignificant overall result. Think about how often you want or need to take the ring off—this should help you decide how much you are going to up or size down.


If I am between ring sizes and do not want to resize, should I size up or down?

Generally, the answer to this is that you should size up! However, I think it really depends on what type of a ring you are buying. If you are buying a solid gold ring that you are planning to wear on a daily basis with little intention to remove the ring on a frequent basis, then I'd suggest sizing down. However, if you are buying a gold vermeil or gold plated ring, that you would be removing frequently (when washing hands, putting on lotion, etc.) then I'd recommend sizing up for convenience. It's also important to remember that your fingers do shrink and swell throughout the year by roughly half a size as a result of water retention, temperature changes, and weight fluctuations.

Thanks to Cindy for all of this amazing info. Shop our complete collection of fine jewels—which can all be resized—here.

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