The Gem Cut Gift Guide

It's no secret that gift-giving can be a daunting task and one that we tend to leave for last as a result. While some gift ideas can seem risky, jewelry tends to be the foolproof way to a woman's heart. Below, shop the five most popular and widely loved gem cuts around. 


Baguette - Created in the 1920's-1930's, the baguette gem cut originated during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. Now, the simple rectangular shape is popularly utilized as an accent stone for its clean and modern look, making it the ideal gift for minimalists. 


Emerald - Shaped like a rounded rectangle, the emerald gem cut focuses more on a jewel's color and clarity than its sparkle. This allows the stone to capture and reflect all hues of light, making this a special gift for loved ones. 


Marquise - The marquise gem cut mimics the shape of a football and offers the maximum amount of sparkle. Its elongated shape is flattering on all fingers, making this a popular gem to gift. 


Round - Originally created and utilized exclusively for diamonds, the round gem cut is now one of the most widely popularized. It is the most classic shape, making it an appropriate gift for any age group. 


Trillion / Trilliant - This triangular gem cut typically has rounded edges, adding a soft touch to an otherwise sharp shape. Due to their shallow cut, they tend to appear much larger than are, making this cut a perfect gift for anyone wanting more. 


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