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Grapefruit and Gin Cocktail with Adeline Ania

Adeline Ania is an Algerian-born, Chicago-based writer, blogger, and overall documenter. Currently studying Marketing and PR at Columbia College, her interests include art, film, literature, and fashion. The majority of her spare time is equally spent between coffee shops and museums, and her weaknesses include remembering to water her plants and returning text messages. She shares her recipe for a classic and simple grapefruit and gin cocktail here.  

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Ingredients for a single cocktail 

  • 1 oz. peach puree
  • 2 oz. Letherbee Gin
  • 1 Stiegl Radler
  • Grapefruit slices
  • Fresh mint
Grapefruit and Gin Cocktail recipe from Adeline Hocine


  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add 1 oz. of peach puree, 2 oz. of Letherbee Gin, and fill the remainder with Stiegl Raddler
  3. Mix and garnish with the grapefruit slices and fresh mint
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