How to Accessorize Like a French Girl

With a plethora of articles written on the topic, you would think that the air of mystery surrounding French girl style would have dissipated by now, but the opposite seems to be true. More than ever, women want to know how to exude French cool in everything they do, from eating to exercising to getting dressed. The secret, of course, can be chalked down to exerting a great deal of effort to create the illusion that you have put in absolutely none, and the same applies to jewelry.

Whether you're accessorizing a pair of jeans or pulling a whole look together for a night out, the key to achieving Parisian chic is to keep things simple, as though it were an afterthought. Below, we've rounded up our go-to 10 items for giving off the illusion that, like French women, we were blessed with the ability to just look this good wherever we go. 


La Kaiser 14KT Gold Solo Diamond Ring, $129.00

Five and Two Anya Ring with Opal, $35.00 

La Kaiser 14K Gold Fill Eternity Band, $48.00

Laurie Fleming Anais Conch Ear Cuff, $105.00

Five and Two Black Onyx Kennedy Hoop Earrings, $95.00

Wolf Circus Pearl Swirl Studs, $62.00

Reliquia 18K Gold Venetian Hoop Earrings, $92.00

A.M. Thorne Black Diamonds Balance Necklace, $475.00

Five and Two Pandora Disk Choker, $58.00


Lust & Luster Dreamcatcher Necklace, $125.00


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