How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Jewelry

This is not a drill: wedding season is back.  And if your schedule is anything like ours, all of your weddings have been rescheduled for the same summer.  In the interest of a super sized wedding season, we’re giving you our foolproof guidelines on how to choose jewelry to go with your bridesmaids dress (or dresses*).  And if you’re reading this as the bride and not the bridesmaid, our personal recommendation is to let your bridesmaids choose their own jewelry (with input, of course).  This will eliminate the risk of being too matchy matchy, plus provides the guarantee that they’ll love what they’re wearing.

The 4 Factors in Choosing Bridesmaid Jewels

There are four factors you want to consider when choosing your bridesmaid jewelry (AKA the bridesmaid jewelry bible): 

  1. Hair: Up or down?  How you’re styling your hair should impact your choice of jewels.  For updos, we love a good statement earring that can really shine on its own.  When wearing your hair down, studs are a great way to complement your style without distracting from your beautiful locks.

  2. Neckline: To skip a necklace or not to skip a necklace; this is the question your neckline will answer.  For halters, one shoulders, and high necklines, let the dress do the talking (we recommend focusing on earrings instead of a necklace).  For lower necklines, a necklace is our favorite way to complete the look, whether you go for something super statement or super simple.

  3. Color: Metal tone should be chosen with dress color in mind.  Warmer tones look best with yellow or rose gold, while cooler colors are best complimented by silver and white gold.  When it comes to gems, don’t be afraid to play around!  Choose a complimentary color to play up the contrast as opposed to matching the exact color of your dress.

  4. Bride: And last but certainly not least,  a great place to start is by complementing the jewels the bride will be wearing.  If you’re stuck on metal color, go with the same tone as the bride.  Same goes for gems and the overall aesthetic of the jewels.

And now for some of our tried and true bridal party favorites:

Nirvana Drop Earrings in White

Shop the look: Nirvana Drop Earrings in White

You simply can’t go wrong with a vintage inspired drop earring when it comes to bridesmaid jewels.  This pair from Lover’s Tempo features white gems that will go with pretty much any dress.

Pearl Simple Earrings

Shop the look: Pearl Simple Earrings

Going with studs?  This pearl pair is large enough to stand out from afar yet simple enough for any hair style.  Plus these staple earrings are a pair that you can wear over and over again for any occasion.

Waterlily Post Earrings in Emerald Green

Shop the look: Waterlily Post Earrings in Emerald Green

Looking to add a little color?  The Waterlily Post Earrings create the perfect pop without being over the top, and their versatile shades pair well with all different colors.

Solid Gold Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

Shop the look: Solid Gold Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

When it comes to necklaces, sometimes simple is best, and this all time best seller mixes a dainty design with the most gorgeous sapphire sparkle and solid gold shimmer.  We can guarantee you’ll be wearing this piece long after the wedding.

Halo Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Shop the look: Halo Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Looking for something both classic and budget friendly?  The Halo Gemstone Pendant Necklace checks all of our bridesmaid boxes and it won’t break the bank.

Find even more wedding ready jewels in our wedding guest jewelry collection.

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