How to Find an Engagement Ring That's Right for You

When it comes to engagement rings, we've always been taught that bigger means better. However; just as the wedding industry itself is undergoing changes, so too is the way in which we search for engagement rings. 

Millennials, the demographic often referred to as the "experience seekers," are far more invested in the thought behind an action than the monetary value of the action itself. 

Rather than big, bold diamonds, some are now opting for rings that instead reflect their own individuality, be it through unlikely stone selections or unexpected shapes. 

Read on for three simplified ways to begin tackling the search for the perfect ring. 

Set a Budget That Won't Bankrupt: 

Setting a budget varies from person to person, and from couple to couple. Thankfully, due to more transparency within retail, more companies are offering products at reasonable prices, and that's trickled down to the jewelry industry as well. Carried Jewels is just one such company providing modern designs at direct-to-consumer prices, without compromising quality in the process. Rather than striving to save a certain amount, it's far more possible now than ever to spend within your means while also finding a truly unique piece. 

Consider Aesthetics: 

When shopping for an engagement ring, consider your partner's personal aesthetic. While some may prefer a more classic cut or the use of traditional stones, more and more women are seeking out rings that reflect their personality first. Be it a modern heirloom, a statement stack, or a whimsical ode to her favorite poem, the most crucial step in selecting an engagement ring is to show the thought behind it. 

Consider the Details: 

Solid gold and white diamonds still tend to be the most favored choices for engagement rings, though that seems to be shifting as well. Various stones can signify different meanings, so it's important not to make the "right" choice, but the most meaningful choice. Not only can you select a stone based on its symbolism, such as opals' direct link to prosperity and luck, but you can also come to a decision based on your partner's birth stone - just another way to show that you're paying attention to the details. Regardless of stone or metal, it is crucial to select solid and fine materials to ensure long-lasting wear and durability. 

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