How To Host a Moon Gathering

It's no secret that here at LE we're obsessed with all things celestial.  From sun inspired pendants to constellations and crescent moons, we love bringing you jewelry that represents the magic of the cosmos. This month we wanted to take it one step further by teaching you how to harness the power of the full moon to release what's no longer serving you and connect with your fellow goddesses.


The full moon marks the end of the lunar cycle, making it the perfect time for healthy endings and releasing any negative energies, relationships, and habits that have been weighing us down (think frenemies, eating out too often, and that ex who keeps sending "U up?" texts). When we release this negative energy, we make room for positive energy.


Moon Gathering Must Haves

Grab all your girls (and guys- full moon energy doesn't discriminate) and gather together on the night of the full moon. Burn sage, incense, or palo santo, light some candles, and set the vibe with some chill music (like Spotify's Deep Focus playlist). Make it BYOC- Bring Your Own Crystals. The full moon is the optimal time to cleanse and charge crystals like rose quartz, tourmaline, and pyrite to enhance their properties.


Let It Go

Start off by sitting in a circle and taking a few minutes for meditation. We recommend finding a guided mediation online that speaks to you. Have everyone take a piece of paper and a pen. On the sheet of paper, write down everything you want to release and let go of. This can be negative emotions, bad habits, toxic relationships, etc. Once you're done, read your list (to yourself or out loud), take your piece of paper to the candle flame, and burn it to symbolize the completion and release of what you are letting go.



Now that you've let go of what's no longer serving you, it's time to take a moment to feel gratitude for the new positive energy you've created and the beautiful people you've shared this experience with. Eat and drink, have a dance party to your favorite playlist, and bask in the glow of the moon.


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