How to Mix Metals Like a Jewelry Pro

Trendy and intimidating. Mixing metals can feel scary, but we promise it's actually really easy and will take your jewelry look to the next level. So don't stress; we have a foolproof formula for making your mixed metals look balanced and beautiful. Read on to become a pro at this trend.

mixed metal white and yellow gold bracelets on an arm
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Pro Tip #1: It's all about the ratios

When mixing your metals, balance is key. Tons of yellow gold with one white gold chain thrown in can feel haphazard and random, so stick to the following equation: 1:1 or 2:1 should be your go to ratios when pairing your pieces. For example, start with 1 white gold + 1 yellow gold bracelet. If you add a third white gold piece, your fourth addition should be yellow gold.

yellow and white gold rings worn together
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Pro Tip #2: Two of the same always match

When you're choosing which pieces to pair, two of the same style in different metal tones will always look balanced. We love layering a simple design like this knot ring, and then adding in some more chunky metal goodness with signet rings in different tones on either side. This gives us that 1:1 metal ratio while also balancing out the thickness of the pieces.

yellow and white gold studs and huggies worn together
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Pro Tip #3: Switch up your textures

Too much of the same can be majorly boring. Switching up the texture of your pieces adds a ton of visual interest without teetering over the top. Pair a smooth style like these chunky huggies with something extra textured like these twisted hoops. To make it even more interesting, add more organic texture with a fun piece like these mushroom studs.

mixed metal white and yellow gold layered necklaces
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Pro Tip #4: Pre-layered pieces work double time

Layering necklaces can be the trickiest of all. The neck is easily the biggest focal point of your look, so you don't want these layers to be overwhelming. A foolproof way to create a balanced mixed metal necklace stack is to start with a pre-layered dainty chain. This one piece works double time to add twice the yellow or white gold goodness, plus it's super subtle and won't tangle as easily with one clasp instead of two.

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