How to Put On Huggie Earrings

Solid gold huggies are hands down our favorite everyday earrings. They’re a low maintenance style that you can always leave in and are a bit more eye catching than your average stud.  Solid gold huggies do require a bit more care to put on, so we’re sharing our tips and tricks to ensure that you have that perfect pair of huggies forever.

Solid gold will last a lifetime without tarnishing or losing its luster, but it’s a softer metal than the materials used in plated jewelry.  Since solid gold is softer, you want to be careful not to apply too much pressure when putting on your huggies so that the metal that locks in the clasp doesn’t bend.  Avoid that dreaded moment of realizing you’ve lost one of your earrings by following these steps: 

Step 1: Thread the arched post of the huggie through your ear.  Avoid pulling or pressing on your huggie’s post.  It needs to maintain its shape to close properly.

Step 2: Slowly begin to push the back of the huggie towards the clasp 

Step 3: Gently push the back of the huggie into the clasp until you hear an audible click or feel the metal latch into the clasp. Don’t apply too much pressure or keep pushing after you hear or feel the clasp lock into place. This can cause the gold to bend, breaking the clasp.

And that’s it!  Once your solid gold huggies are latched into place, they’re super low maintenance.  They’re the ideal piece to leave in and wear everyday.

*Note: all of these steps are applicable for both solid gold and plated huggies!  Solid gold just requires a little extra TLC.

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