How to Use a Necklace Extender

We're all about making your life easier when it comes to jewelry, so we're expanding our selection of jewelry accessories. First up is the game changer you didn't know you needed: necklace extenders. We're breaking down how to use our new necklace extenders, which extender to choose, and why you need one.

Why You Need a Necklace Extender

Whether you have a necklace that's just a little too tight for your liking or want to switch up the way you style your layers, a necklace extender is your new best friend. It's the perfect way to add a little length (1.5 inches to be exact) to a choker length chain that's a little too tight for comfort, or simply extend a chain that isn't hitting in the right place when you wear it with a certain top (looking at you, high neck trend). It's also the best way to add customization to your necklace stack. If you have two necklaces that look great together but sit at the same place on your décolleté, you can add an extender to one for easy layering.

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How to Use a Necklace Extender

Step 1: Take the clasp of your extender and attach it to the jump ring that you would normally attach your necklace clasp to

Step 2: From there, just clasp your necklace like normal

Step 3: That's it. No really, it's that simple 

Which Necklace Extender Should You Choose

We created two necklace extenders so that no matter the material of your necklace, your extender will blend right in and not be noticed. The Perfect Fit Necklace Extender is made with plated gold and works well with any plated necklace, no matter the base metal. The Solid Gold Perfect Fit Necklace Extender was created for fine jewelry necklaces and can be paired with any karat of solid gold. The extenders will blend into your chain best when they're paired with the extender that matches their material.

You can shop the entire collection of jewelry accessories here, and keep an eye out for even more accessories coming soon to make your life easier when it comes to jewelry.

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