Our 4 Favorite Ways to Wear Jewelry Charms

Jewelry charms are having a moment, but they’re not the chunky and kitschy kind you used to pop on a bracelet when you were a kid.

Dainty and delicate charms are our current obsession, both for their elevated style and their versatility, and we love dreaming up new ways to style them.  Our Family Gold collection is full of solid gold charms that are a nod to vintage fashion and designed for the modern day, with symbolic imagery that makes them more than just a piece of jewelery but a reflection of who you are.  Read on for our 4 favorite ways to style jewelry charms.

1. Wear a Charm on a Delicate Chain

Shop the Look: Solid Gold Cherub Charm, Solid Gold Mixed Metal Braided Necklace

So you’re a minimalist?  We love that for you.  Pair a dainty charm like this precious cherub on a single chain for the ultimate everyday staple necklace.  And if you’re feeling adventurous, layer it up with other styles.  We love the juxtaposition of something this dainty paired with a chain that’s a little bit chunkier.

2. Add a Charm to a Piece You Already Own 

Shop the Look: Solid Gold Simple Diamond Birthstone Charm

Because of how mini these charms are, they pair perfectly with larger pendants.  Want to add some personalization to a piece you already hold dear?  Pair a birthstone charm with your go to necklace to up the sentimental value and add some sparkle while you’re at it.  Pro tip: nothing says thoughtful like a piece of sentimental jewelry.  Gift a birthstone charm and cue the happy tears.

3. Layer Charms for a Modern Charm Necklace

Shop the Look: Solid Gold Essential Opal Necklace, Solid Gold Mama Necklace, Solid Gold Croissant Charm

When choosing charms to layer, we ask ourselves one question: if I were reincarnated as a necklace, what would that necklace look like?  We love charms because of how meaningful they can be, and a perfectly curated charm necklace reads like your life story.  An airplane to represent wanderlust, an apple to represent wisdom, and a croissant to represent carbs (because, duh) are some of our go to’s.

4. Add Personality to your Everyday Hoops 

Shop the Look: Solid Gold Simple Hoop Earrings, Solid Gold Shell and Pearl Charm

Charms aren’t just for necklaces and bracelets.  We love to add a touch of personalization to our everyday staple hoops and huggies by threading on a charm i.e. the perfect way to make a piece you already own more customizable.  This dainty little shell (complete with the most precious pearl!) will make you feel like an actual mermaid.  For an on trend asymmetrical look, add different charms on each earring.

Browse our Family Gold collection and start dreaming up your own personalized charm pieces. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see how you style them!


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