In the Spotlight with Mother Muse

what was your first job?

My very first job was when I was fourteen. My dad knew the owner of a beautiful Italian restaurant and I was hired as a dishwasher. It taught me a lot at a young age and I am grateful for that experience.

what led you to start mother muse? 

Mother Muse was inspired by my motherhood journey giving birth to my daughter Adaline Rose. I struggled with postpartum depression being a young mother and not resonating with the things I loved prior to motherhood.

what is the purpose of the book itself?

The coffee table book is to celebrate the women that inspire us every day; mothers. It is filled with original artwork, articles, interviews, and editorials.

what has been the most rewarding and the most difficult part of this process, respectively? 

The most rewarding part is curating something that comes from the heart and seeing the positive outcome it has on women and the fashion industry. 

The most difficult part at times is running this entirely on my own with two children (my daughter who is turning two and my son who is six weeks old). It's beautiful chaos as I like to call it. 

in what ways do you think mother muse is reshaping the conversation around pregnancy and motherhood? 

Once you become a mother, a lot of society tells you what you are and aren't and Mother Muse is reshaping that conversation and celebrating women in a way that oozes the beauty and rawness of motherhood.

the book focuses on the quality of slow living and modern motherhood. how would you define slow living and what's your favorite ritual to practice that? 

To me it means simple living and being a minimalist -- I've always believed that less is more. I also feel slow living is intertwined with living in the moment and taking a deep breath in those moments. My husband and I love nature and being outdoors and traveling. I feel that is all somewhat sewn together -- less consumption and making more memories as a family. 

how has motherhood shaped your day-to-day?

It's changed my day-to-day in every way possible. You just learn to never assume or expect anything and just try and enjoy every little moment with your children. 

what's next for mother muse?

Organic growth is very important to me. I hope for it to continue to flourish and grow, inspire, and connect us together as mothers. 

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