In the Spotlight with Savannah Watson from Merewif

Savannah Watson created Merewif in 2012 after moving back to the little beach town where she grew up. She had been designing footwear in New York and Los Angeles for several years and needed a change. We love Merewif because their pieces are a blend of timeless beauty and nature, with a bit of an edge and so much soul. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked Savannah to share a little about what she’s learned as a small business owner since becoming a mother to her beautiful son Oscar earlier this year.


Tell us a little bit about yourself...
My name is Savannah and my line is called Merewif. I am based out of Wilmington, a small beach town on the southeast coast of North Carolina.


Tell us about Merewif and how you got started?
I started Merewif in 2012 after moving back to the town I grew up in. I had been designing footwear in New York and Los Angeles for several years and needed a change. Unfortunately, my fashion degree didn’t afford me many opportunities in my small town, so I decided to explore a craft that I could produce on my own: jewelry.

What does the name Merewif mean?
Merewif is an Old English word that translates to mermaid or sea witch. I have had the good fortune of spending my entire life by the ocean and that’s where I draw the bulk of my inspiration.


How has becoming a mother changed your work style, how are you balancing the two?
Becoming a mother has made me realize that work isn’t everything, which is liberating. I was working 60-80 hours a week before Oscar was born. I even brought my laptop to the hospital to edit photos when I was in labor!

I am not great at asking for help, but I am getting better at letting work tasks go so I can focus on our family and creating. That’s all I can ask for in regards to balance. I’m inching closer to it, but balance can be an elusive goal.


What is your routine like now?
As I am working on getting Oscar on a routine, my schedule changes from day to day, but that’s what I’ve always loved about what I do. When he is napping, I work like a madwoman so I can be present when he’s awake.

Advice for working moms?
I don’t know if I am qualified to offer advice at this point, but I would recommend that entrepreneurial mamas plan on a pretty serious productivity drop and to be okay with that. If you can, try to get an employee in line that can help you maintain your business.


Best advice you got from your mom about becoming a mom...
I’ve always admired my mom. She’s not the type to give advice; she leads by example. I hope to be a mother to my son the way she is a mother to me.


Wishes for your baby...
I hope Oscar can find his space in nature. I hope he will be a person he is proud of.

And I hope he has his dad’s hair, haha.


Thank you so much Savannah for sharing this beautiful look into your life as a designer, business owner, and mom. Shop the Merewif collection, including exclusive designs, on Local Eclectic.

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