Introducing Our Newest Brand: Harvest Moon

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The long awaited launch of Harvest Moon is finally here! This meaningful line was inspired by our best-selling Solid Gold Manifestation Necklaces. 

This meaningful line was inspired by our best-selling Solid Gold Manifestation Necklaces. The necklaces feature natural crystals that each have their own unique energy. The intention of the necklace is manifest the properties of the crystal. When we launched these we had no idea that they would resinate so well with our audience.

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Our team quickly got to work at sourcing and designing a beautiful new line of jewelry that had many of the same qualities that the necklace had such as solid gold, intention, and natural gemstones. The Harvest Moon pieces all have special, symbolic meanings that you can read about in each of the product pages. 

Shop the look: Solid Gold Crystal Bracelet for Manifestation, Solid Gold Aquatic Agate Ring for Grounding, and Solid Gold Full Moon Opal Ring

Taryn Gordon, the Product Development Manager at Local Eclectic, had a huge hand in creating this line. She says, "Harvest Moon was created to offer jewelry that represent your personal intentions, whatever they may be. A sweet reminder that you are so capable of anything you put your mind to. Each piece either has a crystal or celestial component to symbolize certain properties. The whole line is super affordable, fine jewelry."

A few of our favorite pieces:

Shop the look: Solid Gold Crystal Rings for Manifestation


Shop the look: Solid Gold By Starlight Charm Bracelet 


Shop the look: Solid Gold Waxing and Waning Crescent Moon Studs, Solid Gold Blue Sapphire New Moon Necklace for Intuition


We are so excited to share this new brand with you.  Discover the new Harvest Moon brand here, only at Local Eclectic. 

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