Introducing Alice Bell x Local Eclectic

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We're so excited to introduce our newest jewelry collaboration: Alice Bell x Local Eclectic! 

We reached out to Alice Bell through Instagram after we fell in love with her style, in depth readings, and tips on all things astro related!  

About Alice

Alice Bell is a self taught astrologer based in New York. She is a resident astrology writer at British Vogue who has been practicing astrology for four years. Specializing in relationship astrology, Alice is your go-to person for all your love-life questions! Alice is a Leo rising, Aquarius sun, and Pisces moon. Know that we know the basics of this astrological queen, we wanted to dive a little deeper. 

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What is your favorite thing about being an astrologer?

"I enjoy the variety of work I am able to do. I meet with clients for readings, I write horoscopes and astrology content for brands, I host an astrology podcast, and I teach courses. I love that every day at this job is different."

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What was some of your inspiration for this collection? 

 "My personal style is very mod, 1960s. I like a lot of loud colors and vintage floral prints, so that was my main inspiration. I also love the astrology book covers from the 1960s and 1970s like Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, so I wanted to put that vintage astrology spin on this collection."

Shop the look: Celestial Signet Ring, Lunar Enamel Wrap Ring

What tips would you give someone looking to get into astrology?

"Practice reading the birth charts of everyone you know. You can read all the books or take all the courses, but seeing how astrology plays out in a real person’s life and how the planets can manifest differently from person to person is how you can better understand the nuances of the signs, houses, and planets."


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This collection is giving us all the celestial vibes! Featuring unique enamel rings and star covered earrings, we know you'll want to snag every piece. Shop the entire collection here, only at Local Eclectic.

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