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Five Garnet Rings to Kick Off 2018

It's no surprise that for most people, January is considered to be the most exciting month of the year. A symbolic fresh start, it represents all the possibilities to come. 

The January birthstone, garnet, only further perpetuates this belief. Available in a plethora of colors, the stone is thought of as a beacon of hope - think of it as the light that guides you through the dark.  

This makes it the perfect gift not only for January babies but for anyone in need of a token for good luck. Read on for our top five current favorites. 


Leah Alexandra Opal & Black Garnet Ring, $98.00

Leah Alexandra Black Garnet Rainbow Ring in Yellow Gold, $74.00

LUMO Violet Garnet with Peach Morganite Petals Ring, $530.00

La Kaiser Black Garnet Duchess Ring, $85.00

Claire Kinder Astral Ring with Garnet, $420.00



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