Jewelry Never Dies, Flowers That Last


The average flower bouquet has a shelf life of about one week. This Valentines Day, get your loved one flowers that they can cherish forever! We've compiled a curated collection of our favorite V-Day themed jewels for you. Roses, rose gold, and precious gems - the gifts that keep on giving...


Forever Flowers

A rose is a rose is a rose. Especially when it's made of gold. These flowers will stick around for a lot longer than the fresh variety. Your special someone will remember this bouquet for an eternity.

Peruse some gilded floral options below, and shop the rest of the Forever Flowers Collection here.


Rose Gold

The hopeless romantic of the gold family, rose gold wins us over every time with its famously pinkish rosy hue. The perfect way to gift a 'rose' that can be cherished for years to come. See some of our rose gold favorites below, and shop the rest of the collection here.

Rubies & Precious Gems

Rubies are red, sapphires are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you. Jewelry, the flowers she can keep forever. Not to mention the wearer will have a constant reminder of the very generous gift giver. A love token if you will. Some very fine choices below. Shop more fine jewelry and precious gems here.
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