Jewels Made for Every Paradise

Paradise looks different to everyone.  Some live for vacations filled with long stretches of white sand beaches, others want to nestle in the mountains overlooking dozens of lush pine trees, and some are brave enough to go on ice cold winter cruises.  Today we are sharing some of our jewels that evoke feelings of and remind us of paradise, whatever that looks like for you.

Greece x Turquoise Antiquity Ring

The Turquoise Antiquity Ring truly does remind us of Santorini, Greece, with the beautiful white houses overlooking the bright blue sea.

Africa x Bahai Earrings

There's something about these Bahai Earrings that feel daring, bold, and adventurous; just like going on an African safari.

Alaska x 14K Gold Opal & Diamond Ice Queen Ring

Brr, it's cold in here, or maybe it's just this strikingly beautiful Ice Queen Ring. It's giving us all of the feels of a cold Alaskan Cruise overlooking snow covered mountains and icebergs.

Colorado x Labradorite Stone Slice Ring

The forest green color of this Labradorite Slice Ring is giving us major Colorado Springs vibes.  It reminds us of thick, lush forests and the serenity of being outside surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Hawaii x Totem Ivory Earrings

These crisp white and gorgeous Totem Ivory Earrings are giving us alllllll the white sand beach vibes. 

Let us know your favorite paradise spots!  xo.

Image sources: Zicasso Paperlief Alaska Tours Visit the USA Coastal Living
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