Join the Celestial Scavenger Hunt for 25% of Select Products!

celestial scavenger hunt with night sky image

The clues are written in the stars... and on our social media channels. Join the Celestial Scavenger Hunt to discover which of our four stellar styles are 25% today only!

The Clues

Clue 1: Sometimes reading the Instagram comments pays off. 

Clue 2: If you’re a moon child, you should definitely like us on Facebook.

Clue 3: Your daily horoscope is in, and it says to head to our Twitter for a fateful message.

Clue 4: If you’re looking for a sign, head to the comments section of our latest YouTube video.

When the universe guides you to the correct jewels, use code INTHESTARS for 25% off these four products until 6/16 at 11:59 pm CST while supplies last.


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