LE Team Picks: Our Must Have Skincare Products

January is the time for taking care of yourself and getting back into healthy routines after the holidays, which means we’re committed and ready to step up our skincare game.  Now listen, we realize that we're down to single digits in terms of the days left in January, but as we all know, January 2021 is more than a little bit different than years past, so don’t be afraid to give yourself a little extra lead time on starting those 2021 goals and resolutions.  Any day is a good day to start new healthy habits.

Which leads us to what we’re here to talk about: at Local Eclectic, we’re kind of obsessed with skincare.  As a team, we’re always giving each other new product recommendations and talking about new brands and launches that we can’t wait to try out (we’ve even had a #skincare slack channel, that’s how invested we are in this).  We want to share those recommendations with everyone who will listen, so we’ve rounded up our team’s current favorites skincare products.  

Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Mask from Biossance

The biggest thing I learned from working in skincare for 6 years was the importance of exfoliation, and this mask is my all time favorite exfoliating product! It has glycolic AND lactic acids (AKA the exfoliation power duo) plus it's balanced with major hydration ingredients squalane and hyaluronic acid to give you baby soft skin without that dry, tight feeling. I recommend this to pretty much everyone I know, and they've all loved it so far! - Sam

Brightening Face Mask from Alder New York

I love face masks of all types, but this one from Alder New York is my current favorite! My skin feels smoother and looks more glowy after just one use. I also really like that Alder NY sells their masks in travel packs, even though I'm not traveling anytime soon the single size masks make it really easy to try them out! - Sarah

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment from Sunday Riley

Honestly, I'm such a newbie to the skincare game I barely even know what lactic acid does exactly but my friend told me to try it and I'm obsessed. This product is super lightweight, smells delish and leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh! My skin is usually a nightmare in the winter but this has made such a huge difference in my skin. Also, I didn't really buy the whole "reduced look of fine lines" thing before trying this out but I'm stoked to be proven wrong! - Kate

Vitamin C Serum from Art Naturals

I only started learning about skincare in the last couple of years, and I'm very low maintenance when it comes to a routine. Once I got the basic cleanser and moisturizer down I asked around for what to add in next - everyone agreed on a vitamin c serum! I've noticed my skin is brighter and blemishes go away faster, but I've also been told it's great for preventative measures and good to start young even without signs of aging. - Katharine

Squalene + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum from Biossance

I'm big on receiving recommendations and ease of use for skincare products (see Sam's shoutout above for her love of recommending!). I like this serum because it's lightweight and it's a multitasker. It helps with anti aging, exfoliating, and brightening ,and I love that I can get all those benefits in one product. - Steffi

Let us know on IG if you try any of our skincare favorites out! There’s no greater feeling than helping someone discover a new addition to their routine.

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