Local Eclectic Team Picks: Summer Jewelry Favorites

In celebration of Memorial Day Weekend and rising temperatures, we asked the Local Eclectic team to share which pieces of jewelry they'll be wearing all summer. From solid gold styles you can sweat in to fruity studs and a special cameo from everyone's favorite co-worker (hint: he has four legs), these are the LE team's summer jewelry favorites.

Sam - Content Creation, Partnerships & Growth Manager

solid gold hoop earrings

Shop the look: Solid Gold Essential Skinny Hoops

"My summer wardrobe consists of sun dresses and statement earrings. I love this pair of skinny hoops because 1) they're so lightweight you can't even tell you're wearing them and 2) they go with literally everything, no matter the print or pattern."

Kate - Social Media & Partnerships Coordinator

solid gold dainty heart necklace

Shop the look: Solid Gold Flat Heart Pendant

"This necklace is one of the first solid gold pieces I treated myself to. It's dainty enough that I don't notice it's there but still stylish. I plan to invite myself on *very* many boats this summer so a staple like this is right up my alley. Plus it looks just as cute solo as it does stacked!"

Sarah - Art Director & Branding Lead

dainty affordable solid gold diamond bracelet

Shop the look: Solid Gold Simple Diamond Chain Bracelet

"Confession: I have never really worn a bracelet until I got the Solid Gold Simple Diamond Chain Bracelet! I love this piece because its lightweight, but the chain and mini diamonds are actually super sparkly - all things that make it great for summer! Bare arms mean more room to accessorize!"

Janet - COO

affordable alternative engagement ring

Shop the look: 14kt Gold Diamond & Topaz Aphrodite Shield Ring

"This was my 'new job' gift to myself! I love that it's solid gold with real topaz and diamonds, so I don't have to worry about taking it off. It is dainty but big enough to bring a little sparkle to my day!"

Emily - Inventory & Quality Assurance Specialist

dainty on trend solid gold hoop earrings

Shop the look: Solid Gold Twisted Huggie Hoops

"I rarely switch up my ear jewelry so I had my eye on the Solid Gold Simple Huggie Hoops for a while. At the last second I switched to the Solid Gold Twisted Huggie Hoops and have not taken them out of my ears since! They are the perfect mix of simple yet eye catching and go with anything!"

Joseph - Customer Experience & Operations Muse

dainty unique solid gold flower bracelet

Shop the look: Bia Blooms for Family Gold Solid Gold Dahlia Flower Bracelet

"I gifted a friend this bracelet for her birthday after learning that the summer-blooming dahlia symbolizes inner strength, elegance, change, creativity, and dignity (thanks, Google). It's easy to take a look at those characteristics and realize that for so much of my upbringing, and to this day, I'd been planted in fields of dahlias--nurtured, protected, encouraged, and inspired by so many incredible women. So, Im excited that the climber earrings are back in stock too! These two pieces are beautiful tokens of appreciation to help celebrate the ones who Run the World and help benefit the Equal Justice Initiative at the same time!"

Steffi - Sr. Manager of Operations & Business Analytics 

fun and unique stud earrings

Shop the look: Grape Studs

"I love these cute little studs, they're a perfect homage to picnic season. These studs, like real grapes, are not recommended for dogs."

Gibbs - VP of Emotional Support

bracelet for dog moms

Shop the look: Dog Mom Bracelet

"My owner likes to put this bracelet on me as a nod to her. It tastes almost as good as it looks."

Find even more favorites in our bestsellers collection and start planning your summer jewelry wardrobe for those extra hot days.

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