Meet Leeada, the Brand New Line Bridging the Gap Between On-Trend and Timeless Jewelry

moonstone rings in the sun

Shop the look: Reign Moonstone Ring, Luna Pearl Ring

Meet Leeada, the brand new jewelry line created by Laurel Bayly Lee and Sarah Spada, two longtime jewelry industry pros who saw a gap in the market that they knew they could fill.

Leeada Jewelry started as an idea by gemstone devotees desiring a space for jewelry between fashion and heirloom. Their first collection offers a piece for every occasion and style, from simple chain rings with natural gems to celestial inspired statement pendants. We spoke with founders Laurel and Sarah to get all the details on their background in the jewelry industry, why they decided to create their own line, and the design inspiration behind their favorite pieces in Leeada's first ever collection.

Can you explain your background in the jewelry industry?

Other than a lifelong love affair with jewelry and accessories, we've worked in the jewelry industry for years now, mainly on the sales side, but in our roles, we always worked closely with design and production teams which only helped benefit the sales side of the business. We're obsessed with jewelry and constantly coming up with ideas and concepts of pieces that we'd love to see or wear ourselves. We love a mix of fashion and fine jewelry, on-trend and vintage, and we like to keep an eye on what's going on in the market, what customers are responding to, what trends apparel designers are doing, and where jewelry would fit in there.

What made you want to start your own brand?

We've worked in jewelry for so long, and it's literally something we've dreamed about doing for as long as we've known each other. Then through the pandemic, with everything shifting in the market, we saw a need for jewelry that wasn't quite being met, and decided to go for it. We wanted to create a brand that was on trend but not trendy, youthful yet mature, and can be easily worn throughout every season. We wanted a brand that felt timeless but also fresh. It's a reflection on where we're at in life, and what we're wanting in our jewelry too.

Any advice for fellow women wanting to start their own business?

Hire an accountant. Know when to ask for help, and be ok with things not going according to a master plan and be able to adjust expectations easily. Our motto is "pivot". Don't be afraid to fail, because you probably will at some point, and the lessons you'll learn will save you the next time. Always be true to yourself and your vision. And make time for yourself, your family, friends, and a face mask. 

What was the design inspiration behind your 3 favorite pieces in the collection?

sparkling celestial yellow gold rings on fingers

Shop the look: Daybreak Ring

Daybreak meaning: “Daybreak is the time in the morning when light first appears (dawn).” We wanted to create a simple coin ring but one that has meaning. The Daybreak coin ring is a little reminder of all the wonderful things a new day can bring.

moonstone hoop earrings on figure

Shop the look: Reign Moonstone Hoop Earrings

The Reign chunky hoop is one of our favorites! We like to incorporate natural gemstones with a hint of sparkle, and wanted to create an easy “go to” hoop that wasn’t your just regular gold hoop. It’s the perfect size, not too big not too small.

heart lariat necklace on figure

Shop the look: Eros Heart Necklace

The inspiration for the Eros Heart Necklace came from wanting to create an adjustable necklace that can be worn as a lariat or as your standard necklace. We love to layer, and this necklace is perfect for that! You can adjust the length and style based on how you want it to be worn with your other necklaces.

We couldn't be more excited to welcome Leeada to the LE roster! You can shop the entire collection here.

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