Meet the Muse: Caroline Walls

When we discovered Caroline Walls' art, we were immediately struck by her ability to capture femininity through simplistic lines and shapes. Somehow both calm and confrontational, Walls' work challenges the viewer's expectations of the female form, borrowing from a broad spectrum of influences spanning from daily human interactions to mid-century sculpture.

on pursuing art full-time

I have always had a keen interest in the visual arts. Having completed an honors degree in Graphic Design, I began working in large-scale international fashion and lifestyle brand agencies as a designer and art director.

After years of doing this, I craved some creative autonomy and felt a real yearning to explore my own art practice away from the restrictions of clients and design briefs.

I returned to Melbourne, Australia and enrolled as a post-grad in Visual Arts as a way to explore this and haven't looked back. I certainly never had the intention of becoming a full-time artist. Instead, it has been a really organic journey and one that I am most grateful for.

on exploring women in her work

I am ever curious about the differences between the private and public self and how outside forces (social media, etc.) can impede on a woman's truest self -- the unseen aspect of a woman.

I think in many ways, we have seen a real shift in perceptions of what it means to be a woman -- an openness and solidarity that wasn't so apparent before. I do believe there is still a long way to go.

I am deeply curious about the way gender lines, sense of self, and sexuality play into our understanding and approach of the world around us. I hope my works can form a small part of that conversation.

The very best -- creative autonomy. The most difficult -- feeling pressure to constantly produce good work that resonates with people.

on Melbourne

Melbourne is a melting pot of creativity! There are so many of us with small businesses doing it for ourselves. It has an amazing art, culture, and food scene and I love nothing more than spending time with friends over good food and wine. I am also a keen film addict. I try to go to the local indie cinema once a week.


on her go-to piece of jewelry

Rings, always rings. In particular, my engagement ring, which I designed using diamonds and navy sapphires from my grandma's ring given to her by my granddad.

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