Meet The Artists Who Created Our 2021 Mother's Day Prints

Amazing artist collaborations are at the heart of what makes Local Eclectic unique. They infuse everything we do with meaning, offer empowerment, and help us connect with a global community of artists outside of the jewelry world.

Every Mother’s Day for the past 3 years, we’ve worked with artists to create art prints to share with our customers leading up to Mother’s Day as a way to honor the women, mother’s, and the powerful female force that inspires us. This year we collaborated with 3 female artists, read on to meet each of them!

Millie Sewell-Knight


Millie is an illustrator and textile artist based in London.Her work combines contemporary and traditional techniques to create vibrant and intricate artworks, revolving around the celebration of femininity. She draws her inspiration from nature, folk art, mythology and fashion.

Inah Santos


Inah Santos is a graphic designer and illustrator from the Philippines. She draws women in bigger shapes and form as a means of empowering oneself. Through her art she hopes to communicate that all body types are a work of art. The strong women of today's society are her inspiration. Inah creates art to encourage women to embrace who they are.

Haley Kennedy


Haley Kennedy is a Canadian digital illustrator, passionate about uplifting others through her colorful visual works. By utilizing themes such as self-care and mental health, she works to dispel stigma and remind others that they are not alone. Playing with shape, typography, color, and playful imagery, Haley strives to bring beauty to your everyday through visual reminders of self-love, hope, and positivity.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mother figures!

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