Meet the Muse: 2021 Artist Box Collab

Local Eclectic 2021 Artist Box Collab

To kick off the new year we collaborated with 5 female artists from around the world to create a series of limited edition artist-designed boxes.  Read on to meet the artists!

Sinead Yau is an Illustrator from London UK. She previously worked as an in house graphic designer in the retail industry, and then a design and technology teacher. Since becoming a Mum, illustrating has become her sanctuary. In her spare time she loves drawing, knitting and getting stuck into sewing projects. Much of her inspiration stems from 60s and 70s culture - from art, fashion, music, home decor and her travels. She loves to work both digitally and hands-on, often leaning towards warm pinks, orange and brown color palettes. After recently collaborating with a few independent clothing brands and learning more about creating seamless repeating patterns, her next goal is to establish her own store where she sell her own designs as prints and textile products. 

Shefon Nachelle is a self-taught artist and designer whose work is centered on themes of memory, history and imagination.  In her collage work, she incorporates disjointed aspects or ordinary Black mid-century womanhood, vintage textures and patterns and muted color palettes to create surreal stories and images. The often opaque and poetic themes weave together these elements to arrive at an understanding of her present life, the lives of the women before her and the possibilities of an imagined future.

Bria Nicole is a visual artist and illustrator with a focus on modern lifestyle imagery based in Houston, TX. Along with portraits, she illustrates food, plants, figures and landscapes by layering minimal shapes and lines to create simple yet realistic compositions. With a lifestyle focus, Bria works to create pieces that feel familiar, inspiring, and bring peace and joy to the owner. As a Black woman, positive representation of Black and brown people is central to her work, but the importance of self-care, self-love, and basking in the simple joys of life are themes all can relate to. 

Beverly Salas is an Anaheim-based painter and illustrator juxtaposing cut paper pieces within her phantasmagorical imagery. Swirling eyes and floating heads amongst melting shapes and droopy flowers envelopes the figures she uses as center pieces for many of her works. She utilizes multiple techniques within her work, collage, acrylics, and watercolors. Beverly is inspired by her surroundings creating visual dream platforms and psychedelic landscapes. 

Elena Gatti is an artist and graphic designer based in Chicago, IL. Elena started creating art from a young age, but it wasn’t until she committed to drawing everyday in college that she developed the style that she is known for. Her work features whimsical interpretations of the human form including faces, hands, and the body, as well as animals in unexpected and peculiar ways that draws attention to the uniqueness in all of us. Her work is fueled by her curiosity, energy, and desire to never stop learning.

Stayed tuned throughout the month for more exclusive content and features with all of these incredible artists.

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