Meet the Muse: Brigette Muller

When it comes to sustainability, very few of us truly practice what we preach. Enter Brigette Muller. Known to most as Hummusbird, the YouTube vlogger is an advocate of the green movement.

Through her videos, she showcases the benefits of practicing intentionality and slowness, documenting everything from her plant-filled New York City apartment to easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make natural deodorant at home. 

We spoke with the vlogger about what it means to go green, how to do it in the first place, and about the importance of slow fashion. 

Read on for the full interview. 


on going green 

I still have a long way to go, but it feels good to be a recycling hype girl. I'm always spreading the joys of recycling whenever I can. I've become really aware of all the wasteful things we (humans, Americans) have been accustomed to; things we unconsciously accept as normal. 

To go green you kind of have to go against the grain, and that takes effort. It's easy to take the plastic bag when you're out shopping. It's a lot harder to remember to bring a tote with you; to say, "I don't need a bag, thank you" at the risk of annoying the cashier -- especially when you have to say it multiple times because they're not used to not giving a bag. It's a bit of work, for sure, but every time, knowing I made that extra effort feels pretty damn good. 

on learning to live more sustainably

Start with awareness. Pay attention to the waste you're producing; look at it with a curious eye. Ask yourself, "is there anything I could have done to prevent this?" If the answer is yes, vow to do better next time. 

One of the easiest things you can do is carry a tote bag with you. Everywhere. Not just when you're going food shopping. Keep one in your purse; your car; your desk at work. Whenever you're about to step foot out that door, get in the habit of checking to make sure you have a bag with you. You can do it. I'm already proud of you.

on her favorite natural beauty products

Natural beauty products are my weakness. I really love Ebb & Flow's Afterglow Cleansing Oil and Fire on the Mountain Clay Mask. I use the oil on its own every night, and then a few times a week I use the two products together with a tiny bit of water as a mask. 

Apoterra Skincare's Rose Nourishing Serum has been a favorite of mine for about four years and counting. It's super hydrating and smells divine. 

Ground Body Oil is my go-to as soon as I get out of the shower. I'll also put a few drops in the bath. It really has the power to relax your whole being in one breath. I love being able to support natural beauty brands run by incredible women. 

on the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion

Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in existence, With the emergence of more and more ethical, transparent brands, things are slowly changing for the better, and the more we support this goodness, the better things will get. 

on her go-to piece of jewelry

I've been all about a great pair of earrings. They really just polish off a look. My most recent discovery is Nectar Nectar. She really has mastered the art of creating unique statement pieces that are still somehow wearable for every day. I'll take one of everything, thank you. 

Header Photo Credit: Jana Kam

Second Photo Credit: Dylana Suarez for Cleobella

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