Meet the Muse: Chelsea Thomas

When it comes to fashion, Chelsea Thomas has perfected the art of "less is more." The creator of one of Australia's leading bargain blogs, I Heart Bargains, the mother of two is a go-to source for everyday style. We spoke with the blogger about everything from bargain versus investment pieces to juggling her career and motherhood.
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on managing motherhood 
I get help. Full stop. No mucking around. Very early on I said to my husband that I would like to make enough money to pay for a nanny and it went from there. I said it wasn't worth it otherwise. 
My kids are now at school and kindergarten so it's much easier (and cheaper)! I do a lot of running, shoots, writing, and sourcing during the day and lots of Insta at night. When the kids were little I didn't sleep much, but I loved the hunt for the bargains! My passion has always been there.
on her most prized garment
Probably a $1,200 Scanlan dress that I got on sale from Eastland for $70 at the recent Boxing Day sales. I nearly died. I was grabbing garments like a crazy person. 
on the pieces every woman should own
Really well-fitting jeans, a kimono, a really cool blazer, printed tee, nice sneakers, and headscarves. 
on her favorite ways to pass time
I adore books (the physical kind) and I often am reading a couple at a time. Right now, it's The Choke and xxx on my bedside. I started F45 training at the beginning of this year and I'm one of those people that have done nothing for so long, my body feels better so I'm addicted. My hubby thinks I'm someone else. It's so great to kick start a fitness routine. In and out in 45, and you can't not be beat at the end! I do the "mum" thing, I bake (which defeats my training) but I am a sucker for recipe books and writing ones out from my mum or nanna from years gone by. 
on investment pieces
Invest in the pieces you wear the most. That's an easy rule to live by. I have investment pieces even though my life is literally bargains and it's usually an incredible dress (that's a one off or fits me like it's been made for me)... jeans that I know I'll have for years, sneaks, and the odd statement piece like a shirt or skirt. 
on mastering bargain shopping
Always shop the sales racks first! We too often think the sales rack (or sales section online) won't have what we need but you just need to be a little more patient with your hunting. 
on her go-to piece of jewelry
At the moment, I can't beat a big pair of earrings. You can't lose. 
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