Meet the Muse: Luisa Salas


on when she realized she wanted to be an artist

It was always my dream, but I had never really believed in myself that much until early 2017. I've been a graphic designer for our own agency for seven years now and I knew I had to pay attention to what really mattered to me the most... I still do this for other brands, but the main focus has definitely shifted towards art and illustration. 

on the artists she admires 

Stuart Davis is always good and sophisticated. I've been deeply enjoying the variety of styles of different artists, like the works of Broken Fingaz, Zebú, and Otto Inés Longevial, to name a few. The truth is that I discover new amazing artists on a daily basis via Instagram, it's really inspiring. 

on marrying bright colors with minimalism 

It was natural and unconscious at first. My current home is on México's Caribbean. I am literally surrounded by colors and contrasts everywhere. 

As I define my own style deeper, I am definitely attracted to color theory based on feelings and situations. I feel like shapes are easily created or sketched, but color? Color is my local resource, and I'm trying to explore the most out of it. 

on where she finds inspiration 

Music, always. I love traveling or mingling with my family, even if it's a quick escape somewhere nearby. I'm very passionate about photography too.

on the various fields she'd like to explore 

I'm looking to go deeper into creating stuff, very curious about painting more murals around the world and very eager to explore textile patterns. 

on the influence of her surroundings

As I said before, Tulum has taught me true meaning of the word contrast, be it social, visual, or political. This tiny region of México has them all. 

Happy music, Caribbean Sea, jungle... it all comes down to colors. I am most definitely influenced by my current home. 

on her go-to piece of jewelry

Any colorful bracelet, preferably something with yellow. 


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