Meet the Muse: Virginia Calderon

From acting as a brand ambassador to freelancing independent projects to working on the launch of her own shoe brand, it seems that there's very little Virginia Calderon hasn't already done.

Harnessing a love for art and fashion (whilst documenting her caffeine addiction), her Instagram acts as a moodboard, but more importantly, as a reminder that we are the true curators of our own lives.

We spoke to the LA native about gracefully navigating your dreams and what she loves so much about the city she's always called home. 


You have your hands full with everything from freelance consulting to developing your own brand. What might a typical day look like for you? 

A typical weekday for me starts with making my first cup of coffee for the day, blasting some music, possibly dancing around and checking emails, then getting ready. I recently took on a full-time job on top of freelance and working on my own creative projects, so I do that daily. I help with web editing / social media marketing. After work, I go to dinner or make dinner or end up at some event. Then end up back on the computer again answering emails, playing music, and working on freelance. 

I'm sure you're often balancing many projects. How do you best manage that and what keeps you sane when life grows hectic?

My planner is my best friend. As much as I love technology, nothing compares to a physical planner. I literally have to write down dinners, meetings, projects, fun nights, and family visits. 

My friends and family keep me sane. Their unconditional support and love is everything. I also have been making Sundays my days where all I do is lounge at the beach with my best friend, go to a museum or flea market, drive around, and just enjoy beautiful Los Angeles. It has helped so much in keeping me sane.

How do you think living in LA has influenced your overall style and creative eye?

I am always inspired by my city. Each crevice of Los Angeles has its own style. From the west side, east side, to streetwear in central LA. They are all so different from each other which makes this city beautiful and inspirational. I like to refer to LA as an ugly beautiful concrete jungle. There is something especially stunning about seeing something from the outside that appears unattractive but taking the time to explore the hidden areas of beauty. 

West Coast cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle appear quiet and beautiful upfront, but Los Angeles makes your work for it. The city gets a lot of flak but all of this adds to its appeal. I believe people are discovering this more and is continuing to develop the loving diversity and culture. 

On your Instagram bio, you describe your style as "French tomboy with a hint of Japanese minimalist grandma." That being said, what would your ideal uniform be?

The tomboy in me loves sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt which can make for the right outfit no matter where your day leads. I am really inspired by menswear. I also use that statement to describe my style because my style is all over the place. I think it's easy in the fashion industry to copy without adding an original flair but I believe it's important to always take inspiration from other people and things and put your own imprint on it. Why copy someone else's style when you can create your own? 

What advice do you have for young creatives who aspire to make freelance their full-time?

Always be true to yourself with the work you produce. I think if you believe in what you are working on, if you are passionate, and if you are kind and work hard, opportunities will follow. 

Virginia's Top 10: 

  1. Plants - They bring me pure joy. I love being a plant mama. 
  2. Museums - I can't imagine life without art. 
  3. Boss Speakers - Music is such a source of energy and inspiration for me. 
  4. Rosé - My alcoholic beverage of choice. Nothing beats a great glass of wine. 
  5. Shoes -  I love how they can make a boring outfit fun.
  6. Gold chains - Adds class and sass to any outfit. I never take mine off. 
  7. Good conversation - I live for having meaningful conversations with friends, family, and good people. 
  8. Lipstick - Because I don't wear makeup, it makes me feel like I tried.
  9. Sea salt spray - This is my go-to item. I spray and air dry. 
  10. La Croix - Self explanatory. 
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