Meet the Muse: Dita Sherlock

Born in Indonesia but currently residing in Perth, Australia, Dita Sherlock has remained true to her humble roots, a distinguishing factor within the fashion industry.

With a career focused on blogging and creative direction, Sherlock's experience spans from modeling to owning her very own clothing business. 

Whether she's documenting her daily journey or creating content on behalf of a brand, she approaches her work with a sincerity that we can't help but find refreshing. 

Read on to learn more and shop her favorite jewels and gems. 


When did you first begin your blog, Sherlock Diary, and what inspired you towards this medium?

I never thought that I would become a fashion blogger. When I made my first post on Instagram, I was five months pregnant with my daughter and I just wanted to share my outfits. 

After receiving an amazing response, it made me want to share more and more with my new follower base. It's also what made me want to publish my blog. 

It took me several months to get it ready and I decided to publish it on the first anniversary of my Instagram account. 

What typically goes into creating an original blog post and where do you source your inspiration from?

Instagram is a big help for that. [There are] so many amazing photos uploaded daily that give me inspiration for my Sunday morning shots for my own Instagram. I normally have a few favourite photos and outfits that I share on my blog. 

You're originally from Indonesia but now live in Perth, Australia. How do think living in Australia has influenced your personal style? 

My style is so different from when I was back in Indonesia. I was living in Bali for five years and everyone's style there is very relaxed. I dressed like an Island girl living close to the beach, showing my skin quite a lot.

When I moved to Perth it took me some time to get my original style back. Even though everyone in Perth is surrounded by the ocean, everyone is more dressy than in Bali. 

I definitely love my personal style right now. I guess Australia has brought out the best in me. One thing I don't do is corner myself into a certain style because I truly love to wear anything I like. 

You undeniably work really hard at what you do. Are there any women you look up to in that regard?

Thank you so much! There are so many women I look up to, especially all my fellow mum bloggers. I know how hard it is to be present for your family and still manage to be successful doing what you love. They are truly an inspiration!

With blogging being such a saturated market, what piece of advice do you have for anyone interested in creating their own blog? 

Always be yourself and don't let anyone tell you that you're not good [enough]. Everyone is different in their own way, so there's every chance you will create something that's different and interesting to others. 

The blogging world is not as easy as it looks. You need to work really hard to be recognized. At the beginning don't expect too much. It's not just about uploading a photo or sharing a story. There is a lot that goes into it, but it is rewarding; never give up! 

What's your go-to piece of jewelry and why? 

I love a good pair of gold earrings, but I only wear them sometimes. Typically, you will see me wearing at least a little gold, be it gold earrings or a fine necklace and wearing it alone or layered. 

Dita's Top 10: 

  1. My iPhone X - It's part of my hand. 
  2. MAC Lipglass in CThru - I watch Real Housewives Melbourne and one of the housewives is called Chyka Keebaugh. I really like her lip color so I messaged her on Instagram and she answered me. Since then I always have it in my bag. 
  3. Converse Chuck Taylor Dainty in White - The most comfortable shoes ever. I can't be apart from them. 
  4. Chili - I'm Indonesian, I can take heat from chili. I have chili for breakfast.
  5. La Mer Moisturiser Cream - This thing is magic. 
  6. Super Hero Oil from Go-To Skincare - This face oil really works. Everyone should try this.
  7. Movies - I watch movies a lot, more than people listen to music.
  8. ZAC Zac Posen Belay Cross Body Bag - It's just the perfect size, I'm thinking of getting another one in different colors. 
  9. Coffee in my Nespresso Travel Mug - I rarely have a day without it. 
  10. Bali - I used to live there for five years. The island made me the person I am now and will forever be my favourite. 
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