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Moonstone: The Birthstone Every Gal Can Get Behind

June is right around the corner (literally, tomorrow!) and we are so excited because this month's birthstone is one of our absolute favorites: the moonstone. Aka the swoonstone. The glowing, luminous gem that we love to love. Whether or not you are a June birthday mama, every gal should have a moonstone in their jewelry collection; not only because of it's exquisite beauty, but because the stone is believed to have healing powers, bringing serenity and peace to its wearer. A stone that has both deep beauty AND calming effects? We'll take 10, please!

If you are in need of the perfect gift for a June birthday lady, or are lacking moonstone in your jewelry collection, below are some of our most adored moonstone pieces.  

Moonstone Slice Ring, $105

Gemstone Fringe Hoop Earrings With Moonstone, $98

Gemstone Starburst Ring With Moonstone $56

Pear Moonstone Crown Ring, $585

Semi Precious Moonstone Ring, $90

 Moonstone & Diamond Hexagon Pendant, $194

Wing Moonstone Necklace, $194

Orion Gemstone Necklace with Moonstone, $66

  Shop all moonstones and June Birthstone Jewelry gift collection here.

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