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Moonstone: The Birthstone Every Gal Can Get Behind

June is here, and we are so excited because this month's birthstone is one of our absolute favorites: the moonstone. The glowing, luminous gem that we love to love. Whether or not you are a June birthday mama, every gal should have a moonstone in their jewelry collection; not only because of it's exquisite beauty, but because the stone is believed to have healing powers, bringing serenity and peace to its wearer. A stone that has both deep beauty AND calming effects? We'll take 10, please!

Moonstones range from 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Since moonstone can be prone to chipping, they should be handled with some care. To protect your moonstone jewelry, you should remove it anytime you are doing physical activity, or using household cleaners. Store your moonstone jewelry in a soft, lined jewelry box when you aren’t wearing it. The safest way to clean moonstone is by hand with warm water and a soft cloth. Steer clear of harsh detergents, chemical cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaning methods. Some believe that moonstone can gain power from moonlight, you can charge your moonstone by taking it off and letting it bask under a full moon!

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