New Years Eve at Home

New Year’s Eve may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a memorable one.  For this year’s NYE at home, I’m carrying on some of my favorite traditions including over the top makeup, the most statement making earrings I own, and “live” music all night long.  Read on for my top tips on making New Year's Eve special from the comfort of your living room.

Step One: Makeup.

As a former makeup artist, one of my favorite things about New Year’s Eve is the makeup.  I love any valid excuse to apply glitter and glue crystals to my eyes.  I’m using a set of rhinestones traditionally used for nail art, and applying them with any eyelash glue (this one’s my favorite because it’s latex free).  My best tips for applying eye gems: put a little bit of glue on a mirror or some foil and allow it to dry for about 15 seconds before using tweezers to dip your gems into the glue.  This gives the glue time to get tacky and the gem will more easily adhere to your skin.  The process is a little meticulous, but since I’m not rushing to make any reservations or get in line to enter a venue before a set time starts, all the more reason to take my time and have fun with it!  If you’re attempting a look like this for the first time, I love this tutorial by Desi Perkins for tips on placement and process.

Step Two: Statement Earrings.

I love wearing statement earrings for pretty much any and all occasions.  My jewelry collection is full of them.  But on New Year’s Eve, more is more, so I love to break out my most attention grabbing earrings and make them the star of my outfit.  Want to stay comfy this year but still feel a little glam?  Pair your statement earrings with sweatpants!  I mean, what could be more 2020?  We have a whole collection dedicated to statement styles if you’d like to browse, but here are my top three this year: 

Nirvana Drop Earrings in White from Lover’s Tempo
These are the most perfect traditional holiday drop earrings!  They have a vintage inspired design with ultra sparkly accents and their neutral color palette means they go with anything.  To me, this style says “champagne toast at the Drake Hotel.”  They have a super classy vibe while still being loud enough for an NYE outfit.
Phila Hoop Earrings from Olive + Piper
The second I saw these earrings from one of our newest designers Olive + Piper, I knew I needed them.  They’re so unique, and I love any modern twist on a classic hoop earring.  I’m the type of person who would wear these with vintage denim and a band tee, but I have a feeling they were created with an occasion like New Year’s Eve in mind.  These earrings are so stunning it doesn’t even matter what else you’re wearing because they’re going to be the star of the show no matter what.  These earrings have big “bottle service at a trendy club” energy, which is the exact kind of energy I’m trying to emulate in my living room this year.
Dolly Daisy Earrings from SJO Jewelry

Last but not least, my favorites and what I’ll be wearing this year are these fun and funky drop earrings from SJO Jewelry.  These cuties are made with vintage acrylic flower beads and pastel Swarovski crystal, and they’re super lightweight which is ideal for dancing.  They give me 70’s but make it modern energy, and they would pair perfectly with a bell bottom jean.  To me, these earrings say “I’m standing in line at my favorite divey concert venue waiting to see one of my favorite local artists,” which is exactly what I’d be doing if the world was normal this year.

Step Three: Set the Scene

Since I can’t actually go stand in line to see my favorite artists, I’m creating an at home concert in my living room this year, because why not!?  I bought this galaxy star projector to mimic the ceiling of my favorite Chicago concert venue, the Aragon Ballroom, which has the most beautiful galaxy mural on the ceiling.  Next, I created a playlist on youtube of live performances from my favorite artists.  Some of them are one off songs, some of them are full festival sets, and all of them are guaranteed to get my roommates and I dancing.  It’ll take a little imagination to feel that concert energy, but look on the bright side!  You won’t have to wait in line for the bathroom or pay for overpriced beer this year, and that’s a win in my book. 

No matter how you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, all of us at Local Eclectic are wishing you a safe and happy holiday! xoxo

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