Office Style File: Sam

Meet Sam, our E-Commerce Product Manager and Copywriter. Sam works closely with both the operations and marketing teams on tracking inventory, creating product pages and blogs, as well as writing copy for all platforms.

From Sam: My style, along with most other aspects of my life, is influenced by my taste in music. I love to draw inspiration from my favorite artists like Stevie Nicks and Gwen Stefani (circa the No Doubt era), and from larger music-meets-style movements like the punk rock and grunge movements of the 80’s and 90’s. I affectionately and (semi) jokingly refer to my style as “hippie witch."

I love to wear rings that hold meaning to me. I have a couple family heirloom pieces that I love to layer with zodiac and birthstone pieces that represent people I love. Earrings are where I like to play around with trends and funkier pieces. I own more earrings than any other type of jewelry and I love to pair unexpected styles! When it comes to necklaces, I like to invest in a few solid gold pieces that I can wear every day and never take off. I joke that if I were reincarnated as a piece of jewelry it would be a Sofia Zakia Tarot Card necklace!

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