Our 4 Favorite Green Gems and Their Meanings

unique green gemstone rings

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Did you hear? Black and white have officially been dethroned. Green is the new neutral. The color that's equal parts organic and eye catching, it's no wonder green stoned jewels are having a moment. Read on to learn the meaning behind our four favorite green gemstones and choose which one you need to add into your everyday jewelry roster.


emerald and diamond yellow gold rings

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The most famous of all the green gems and for good reason; emerald has a regal aura that rivals even that of the diamond. Rich green emeralds are associated with wealth and royalty, an association that was cemented by Cleopatra's infamous love of the stone. This grassy crystal has historically been connected to the season of spring and all of its symbolism: youth, growth, hope, life, and renewal. Emerald is also famously referred to as "the stone of successful love" and is believed to open the wearer's heart chakra, allowing positive loving energy to flow freely.


peridot solid gold ring

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Peridot is most commonly knows as August's birthstone, but trust us when we tell you that this beautiful gem is perfect for everyone, no matter your birthday. Peridot is the national gemstone of Egypt, and it's rumored that those emeralds Cleopatra loved so much might have actually been peridot! This unique stone has a lighter, brighter appearance than emerald and sometimes even borders on neon green. Peridot is considered a calming stone and is believed to promote peace and relaxation. It's also associated with compassion and friendliness which makes it great for manifesting healthy relationships.

Green Onyx

unique green stone rings

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Green onyx may be a lesser known gem than emerald and peridot, but it's certainly no less gorgeous. This stone can range in color from lighter, milkier shades to greens as rich and bold as emerald. Green onyx is believed to block unwanted negative energy. It's also linked to Mercury which is the planet of communication and intellect. Like most green stones that mimic the look of nature, green onyx is also a symbol of renewal and growth. 

Green Amethyst

green amethyst gemstone ring

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Green amethyst is also known as prasiolite and is a fairly modern gem, first discovered in the 1800s. This stunning gem isn't actually amethyst, and is instead a type of quartz. This stone has a more translucent appearance than other green stones, with the most subtle hint of light green color. Green amethyst is all about connection: to nature, to others, and to yourself. It's also believed to help the wearer access their "higher self," i.e., become the best version of themselves.

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