Our Top 10 Bestsellers of All Time

We consider all of our jewels to be drool worthy, but not all of them can be bestsellers.  For the LE team, picking personal favorites feels impossible (there are just SO MANY good options).  But the numbers don’t lie, and the people have spoken.  These are our all time best selling pieces.

1. Solid Gold Diamond Huggie Hoops

perfect diamond earrings

Shop the look: Solid Gold Diamond Huggie Hoops

Kicking it off with the most classic style of the bunch: diamond earrings.  A diamond earring is one of those staple pieces that will never go out of style, and these solid gold beauties are updated for the modern day with a chic huggie design.  Plus, they’re actually affordable which makes them one of most popular styles to date.

2. Opal Monogram Necklace

letter necklace opal moonstone

Shop the look: Opal Monogram Necklace

This one broke the internet.  We launched this necklace with only a few letters and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  You asked that we expand the range, and we answered, now carrying every letter in the alphabet.  The combination of two of our most loved stones (opal and moonstone) plus the personalization element makes this LE classic a forever favorite.

3. Statement Oyster Turquoise Ring

natural oyster turqouise ring

Shop the look: Statement Oyster Turquoise Ring

The ring that we could not keep in stock when it launched: the colorful, bold, but still neutral enough to wear with anything Oyster Turquoise Ring.  The photo speaks for itself to explain why this is a most loved style.  It’s one of the most unique pieces we carry, made with natural oyster turquoise so that every piece looks a little different, adding to its charm.

4. Solid Gold Textured Diamond Band

dainty affordable diamond ring

Shop the look: Solid Gold Textured Diamond Band

One of the newest styles to make the bestsellers list is this affordable solid gold ring with diamonds, because, duh, affordable diamonds!  This perfectly dainty piece looks simple and sophisticated on its own and also stacks beautifully with pretty much any other ring.

5. Solid Gold Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

dainty solid gold necklace

Shop the look: Solid Gold Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

We’re seeing a trend here.  Affordable solid gold styles have become our bread and butter with this universally flattering pendant necklace leading the charge.  The way this faceted white sapphire shimmers in the light is so simple, so stunning, so lust worthy that it became a bestseller almost immediately after launch.  Keep an eye out for the matching set launching soon…

6. Simple Star Set Diamond Band

celestial diamond band gold silver

Shop the look: Simple Star Set Diamond Band

Don’t call it a comeback.  The Simple Star Set Diamond Band is one of the first styles we ever carried at Local Eclectic, and it’s been a bestseller the entire time. So much so that we started carrying it in sterling silver in addition to yellow gold.

7. 2mm Mini Opal Hoop Earrings

opal hoop earrings

Shop the look: 2mm Mini Opal Hoop Earrings

We’re kind of known for opal jewelry, so it’s no wonder these sleek opal inlay hoops are one of the styles our customers just can’t get enough of.  We loved this style so much that we worked with designer Amarilo to create an exclusive ring to match.

8. Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone & Topaz Dancing Fairy Ring Stack

rose gold moonstone ring

Shop the look: Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone & Topaz Dancing Fairy Ring Stack

We built our IG brand around ring stacks, and this one has stood the test of time.  These two rings fit together so perfectly that we’d categorize them as #couplegoals, and with a moonstone that glowy, it’s hard to look away when it’s sitting pretty on your finger.

9. Zodiac Mother of Pearl Coin Necklace

zodiac horoscope astrology jewelry

Shop the look: Zodiac Mother of Pearl Coin Necklace

We love this zodiac necklace as much as we love talking astrology in our #general slack channel.  This perfectly sized pendant features color shifting mother of pearl, making it feel as mystical and magical as astrology itself.  It’s also the perfect birthday gift for any friend who asks you for your birth time.

10. London Blue Topaz and Diamond Orchard Ring

london blue topaz ring

Shop the look: London Blue Topaz and Diamond Orchard Ring

London blue topaz was the sleeper pick that no one saw coming and became one of our most popular gems seemingly overnight.  In hindsight, it should have been obvious.  This sea blue stone has the most incredible color, and when you pair it with a fairytale inspired setting like this one, it’s no wonder our customers can’t get enough.

Thanks for taking that trip down memory lane with us.  Interested to see what other styles people are loving?  Browse the entire collection of bestsellers here.

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