Our Top Three Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Traveling to far off lands is good for the mind, body and soul. As a solid team of jewelry lovers and avid travelers, our experts have three top tips for you when it comes to traveling and packing your jewels.

#1 Jewelry Travel Trip: Pack Light

Bring a capsule collection of jewels, a curated selection that you can mix and match to take your looks from day to night with the switch of an earring or necklace. Think one for day - ultra comfortable and wearable, and one for night - your statement dressed up pieces.

capsule jewelry collection for traveling and packing your jewelry
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#2 Jewelry Travel Trip: Reuse and Recycle

Save tiny plastic bags to keep your necklaces from tangling - drape the clasp out and seal the bag with a small section of the chain on the outside. Day-of-the-week pill containers are great for keeping things organized with perfectly sized spots for earrings and rings. A small piece of cardboard is a great way to travel with multiple stud earrings, just poke them through and put the backs on the other side, and gently wrap in one of your shirts or blouses. Just don't forget which one!

reusing plastic bags to use while packing jewelry

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#3 Jewelry Travel Trip: Don't Bring Your Favorites

As a general rule of thumb, don't bring anything with you that you would be devastated to lose. While each of our pieces holds a precious place in our hearts, some are priceless beyond value for sentimental reasons. Consider finding a good dupe for the pieces you can't live without when you travel.

Looking to build your travel jewelry capsule collection? You can't go wrong with affordable solid gold styles that you never have to take off (say goodbye to the anxiety of losing your jewels by the pool). Our Family Gold collection is full of solid gold pieces that easily transition from day to night, so you can actually pack light like you said you would.

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